Enjoy Sustained Oral and Systemic Wellbeing

Enjoying a healthy mouth is a great way to avoid a number of directly related health issues, especially when you’re doing so thanks to our highly advanced maintenance programs. You’ll enjoy a team that operates with passion and compassion in equal measure, getting to know your personal history and working with you to build a plan that sees you enjoying a healthy lifestyle for years to come. When you’re ready to get started, simply reach out and speak with a helpful member of our team to set up your initial consultation.

Our Maintenance Programs: 

TMJ & Sleep Apnea Appliances

Treatment for TMJ and Sleep Apnea can add up, that is why we created our membership and maintenance program to help our patients save in the long run. Treatment for TMJ and Sleep Apnea is curated specifically for each patient. With our maintenance program we create a plan designed just for you.

For only $88 a month, patients will receive a new appliance at no additional costs every two years. This is a total savings of $2100!


Tooth grinding can affect more than just your teeth, too. You may face pain and stiffness in the jaw, frequent headaches, migraines, insomnia or depression. Botox can help alleviate the muscle soreness due to bruxism and it will remove the pressure on the teeth due to grinding that can break the teeth. It will also reprogram the brain and teaches it not to over-use the muscles.

Our maintenance program is only $60 a month and includes 60 units of Botox after a year for 15% off the original Botox price. If our patients would like to use more Botox, we will also honor the 15% in savings for the additional amount of Botox needed.

Nightguards and Appliances

Renewing your nightguards can add up, that is why we created our maintenance program to help our patients save in the long run. Nightguards are specialized for each patient, that's why we curated our maintenance program designed to upkeep your nightguards with monthly payments.

For only $27 a month, patients who sign up for our maintenance program will receive a new 3D printed nightguard every two years at no additional costs.


Retainer appliances play a big part in maintaining a beautiful smile, that is why we created our Retainer Maintenance program. We designed this plan to help patients with their retainer upkeep so they can always share that beautiful smile.

For only $19 a month, participating patients will recieve a new 3D printed retainer every two years.

*These offers are only available for existing patients and appliances will automatically be renewed in two years. Being enrolled in this program does not cover accidents, damages, and lost items. Patients also have the option to pay upfront and still receive the 50% in savings with the membership if they choose to enroll.

Dental Care Kesha W.

When I’m dealing with a run-of-the-mill dental issue—or need something more serious like an implant, bridge, or crown—I know I can trust the Dion Health network to provide me with the most advanced techniques, for results that last.

Medical Care Dianne M.

I found myself dealing with a number of medical issues that I had no idea were so directly tied to my sense of oral wellbeing. The professionals at Dion Health helped me resolve my clenching and grinding, leading to better sleep and a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Cosmetic Care Justin A.

Showing off a glowing smile has me feeling more confident than I’ve ever felt in my life. Dion Health has fully rehabilitated my smile, resolving all my cosmetic issues with long-term solutions and helping me enjoy the self-esteem I deserve.

Dion health review
Dion health review
Dion health review

How We’ll Maintain Your Orofacial Wellness

Customized Aligners

Straight teeth are one of the main indicators of a healthy lifestyle. We can create custom aligners for you that will bring your teeth into proper alignment, for cosmetic and functional enhancement.

TMJ Treatments

Your temporomandibular joint can sometimes develop issues, known as TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. TMD can lead to issues like sleeping problems, frequent headaches, and more.

Sleep Enhancement

Good sleep is important when it comes to maintaining your popper sense of overall health. We’ll help you stay comfortable with an at-home sleep study, before outfitting you with a treatment plan that will see you resting well each night.


Once we’ve properly aligned your teeth, we’ll outfit you with a customized retainer to ensure that you’re able to enjoy your results for as long as possible. Your retainer will be comfortable and created to perfectly fit your mouth and safeguard your alignment.


Did you know that BOTOX has applications that go beyond cosmetics? We can use BOTOX to alleviate some of the most common issues related to head and neck pain, so you can find relief and live your life to the fullest once more.

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