Full Mouth Reconstruction – Getting Familiar with the Basics 


The mouth consists of both soft and hard tissue, both of which need to function well and in balance in order for our oral health to be at its peak. Whenever there is something that creates a certain imbalance, our oral health is endangered. Lucky for us, our dentists are able to fix anything that might go the wrong referring to our oral health, such as replacing missing teeth, treat gum damage, repair damaged teeth and so much more. But what interests us the most today is the existence of numerous oral health problems and their treatment with the full mouth reconstruction. Are you interested to find out more about full mouth reconstruction? Has your dentist perhaps recommended this course of treatment to you? Then let’s find out what is there to know about full mouth reconstruction, shall we? 

What is there to know about full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction also referred to as full mouth rehabilitation, is the term that is being used to describe the dental procedures and treatments that affect all teeth in the mouth. The full mouth reconstruction promises to give the patients an amazing smile, good oral health and fewer visits to their dentist’s office. But not everyone is a candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction is the usual course of treatment for patients with multiple missing teeth, enamel hypoplasia[i], badly worn teeth[ii] due to bad habits such as smoking, badly worn teeth due to bruxism[iii], teeth with large fillings which are affected with severe teeth decay and so on. In general, full mouth reconstruction [iv]refers to replacing each and every tooth in the patient’s mouth in order to provide them not only with satisfying esthetics but also good oral health. Full mouth reconstruction includes everything from inserting implants, using braces and placing crowns, bridges, and veneers to using bone and soft tissue grafts. Full mouth reconstruction is not an easy process and it will not take only a few days to complete it – you and your doctor will need to work closely together and take the time needed in order to make this process work. Only highly professional and experienced dentists are able to perform an efficient full mouth reconstruction. Some people agree on full mouth reconstruction in order to improve [v]their look, while other agree on full mouth reconstruction in order to improve their oral health. Whatever the reason is that you have chosen full mouth reconstruction, we support you, knowing that we are talking about a highly beneficial and effective procedure. 

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How to get prepared for a full mouth reconstruction?

The first step is, of course, finding a professional dentist that can do this hard and demanding job for you. The next step would be to schedule a visit during which you and your dentist, together, can go over your medical history, your previous dental surgeries and procedures which you have done in the past and informing him or her about your wish to proceed towards full mouth reconstruction. Now you have to understand that not everyone is a great candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Only a professional dentist will be able to determine whether or not you will proceed towards a full mouth reconstruction or there are other methods and techniques that you can use to improve your oral health and smile without having to work on every single tooth in your mouth. A physical exam, X-rays and a dental cone beam CT will be performed in order for the dentist to determine what exactly is he or she dealing with. If you are a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction, your dentist will explain everything that you need to know about the procedures that will take place over the next period and probably schedule your next visit. Use this time to get information about the period of time needed to complete this process as well as the expected expenses.


Full mouth reconstruction might sound a bit frightening, however, it might be the best chance that you have towards having a great looking smile and good oral health. If you are missing a few teeth or if you are dealing with severely worn out teeth due to bad habits or bruxism, then you might want to think about consulting your dentist whether or not you are a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. It might take a little bit more than expected and it might cost a little bit more, however, in the end, you will end up with high self-confidence that your bright smile will bring and a good oral health as one would deserve to have.  


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