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Do you avoid going to the dentist to get your teeth fixed? Are you feeling anxious having to visit your dentist over and over again for weeks just to get one crown? Yes, these are just two of the many common problems that make people all around the world to put off going to their dentist, which evidently leads to more serious problems. That is why as the technology evolves, the dental medicine evolves as well as new methods, techniques and equipment are being introduced. One of them being the CEREC approach. With the CEREC dentistry, you will wait no longer than one day to get your new crown placed. Are you interested to find out more?

Some common drawbacks of traditional crown

Before talking about CEREC dentistry, let us understand why there is a need of new technology despite the traditional crown is still there to help the dental patients.

The traditional crown takes more than a single day of the appointment, and we have already covered that part. Many dental patients in the United States want to get their tooth restored. According to the report[i] , it takes around $1,000 to anywhere around $3,000 to get a single dental implant. However, the time and cost are not the only drawbacks of the traditional crown[ii].

In order to place the crown, it is necessary to bring the tooth into the right shape, so that the crown would fit in the tooth. This process is timely, expensive, and irreversible. Shortly after the competition of all the procedures, there is a chance that some patients might feel uncomfortable because of the sensitivity to cold and hot.

In order to reduce the sensitivity, the patients may need to use the special toothpaste. There is also a chance of crown being too high, which can create an obstruction in the teeth, opposite to the jaw. It can cause pain or additional sensitivity when biting down the foods. If this issue arises, there is again a need for readjusting the height of the crown.

Another issue is the crown being chipped. This issue is particularly seen in the crown made up of porcelain. It is possible to fix small chips, but the larger ones cannot be fixed. It demands a complete replacement.
The falling of the crown and allergic reaction to some metals and porcelain are also some issues associated with a traditional crown placement.
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What is there to know about CEREC dentistry?

The term CEREC stands for Ceramic REConstruction and it is used to refer to the high-quality, durable, precisely made porcelain and ceramic restorations [iii]such as crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays etc. In order to get your CEREC restoration, your dentist will first need to make a 3D scan, using a 3D camera. Then, the 3D image is processed using a special 3D video software. According to the 3D scan, the dentist later creates a specially made, just for you, a unique design of a restoration that fits your mouth and teeth characteristics using a special ceramic material[iv] that is both durable and of a high-quality. What is most special about the CEREC approach is the fact that all of this is accomplished in just one day! This means that you can get a high-quality, durable bridge, inlay/onlay[v] , or crown in just one day. The CEREC approach is a safe, fast and efficient approach that will replace the old technology and methods that dentists all around the world use. The CEREC approach is appropriate for anyone who is a bit nervous when it comes to going to the dentist and for anyone who is afraid of getting an anesthetic because in most cases, with the CEREC approach, there is no need for an anesthetic. Let’s go through the pros[vi] of the CEREC approach:

· Use of high-quality, durable[vii] materials
· No need for a local anesthetic
· Takes only several hours for a new crown to be placed
· Suitable for nervous patients
· Minimal discomfort for the patient
· Minimal cost for the patient

More Reasons to Choose CEREC

The traditional crowns were doing a fine job in the past till now. However, the major drawback is that it takes a lot of time to complete the process, which we have discussed earlier. In this time and age, it is extremely difficult to manage time for frequent visits to a dental hospital.

In the previous section of this article, we have already discussed some of the pros of CEREC and we have mentioned the fact that it is possible to finish the process within a day. You do not have to worry about the fall of the temporary crown and other side effects of the traditional crown restoration process.

In addition to the quick crown placement and minimal cost, there are other reasons to choose CEREC as well.

In the past, all the restorations were carried out with the use of amalgam, gold, and any other metals. But not anymore, thanks to this groundbreaking technology. CEREC makes use of 100% ceramic materials.
The ceramic materials that are used for restoration purpose are durable and they are perfectly compatible with a human tooth. Overall, we can say that these crowns are safe and resistant. In addition, these crowns are very comfortable.

The tooth structure is one of the things that matters a lot to the people, and CEREC has considered this fact. CEREC can help in maintaining more of the healthy structure that most of the people desire.
There were many tooth loss cases in the past. However, due to this technology, the tooth, which would have been previously lost, could be restored with inlays and outlays. How is this possible?

While carrying out the restoration process, CEREC only needs a tiny portion of the tooth structure for the restoration of the teeth to its full function. CEREC is not only limited to the restoration.

With this technology, it is also possible to create beautiful veneers, restore chipped or discolored front teeth [viii].


In conclusion, the CEREC approach is totally safe, fast and non-invasive approach that already has received good reviews by millions of patients and dentists all around the world. The CEREC approach allows the patient to get new inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges in just a few hours, without the need for any local anesthetic being used. Not only that – the CEREC approach uses only high-quality materials and techniques that allow the dentist to offer a higher quality and bigger satisfaction to the patient. We kindly recommend the CEREC approach to our readers worldwide.


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